About Us

So You’re here to know Who we are?, Where did we come from? Etc etc. Even if not all you are here for that, at least 99% others obviously are. So to Introduce us We’re a blog where we use to cover innovations, happenings and events about technology, telecom and gadgets and everything else that you’ve read about at our blog.

Where did the name TechShoutOut came from?

Well to start with this I didn’t had a lot in mind expect that I wanted a good name and thereafter i started searching for the same and after scratching my head 4 days TechShoutOut was the name where I finally landed somewhere in the end of November 2016. Since then I’ve been trying to provide the best possible content to our visitors and build a strong bond with them.

Where did Our Tagline “Technology on Fingertips” came from?

These words “Technology on Fingertips” may sound very simple but have a deep meaning behind it, the time I was scratching my head to find a tagline for hours it suddenly came to my mind when I was low on balance in night and it was just a matter of few clicks using my fingers to do the recharge and that was the time it suddenly came to my mind that this could be the right tagline and “Technology on Fingertips”, became Our Tagline.

We do not have a tagline anymore.

That’s all about us if you’d like to know more about us or want to share something with us you can contact us at techshoutout@gmail.com.