Can AI change the way Pharma Brands look at data?

    Let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI)¬†before we dive into its possible applications in Pharma Industry and how it can change the way Data is used in Pharma.

    What is AI?

    Basically AI is something that can simulate the human mind including learning, reasoning and even corrections.

    Why AI? Can’t we do same work manually?

    This is a question that might’ve came to your mind whenever you think about AI as you might think that if its going to simulate human Intelligence why can’t humans do it. Well lets see an example for this, assume you’ve a maths equation like 59×739 will you be able to do it faster manually or using the calculator, So it’s just as simple as that machines are faster and can reduce manual work that’ll lead to faster (sometimes almost instant) processing and compilation of data. Let’s further dive into the Data In Pharma, how AI can help and some simple yet amazing tools.

    Data in Pharma

    Don’t get confused by the term Data, we are talking about Market Research Data here. Actually the Complexity of Data is very high in Pharma as there is not only one factor that’ll determine the situation of the market there are many things you’ll have to check like Prescriptions, Government Data for diseases etc that’ll take a hell lot of time to do manually. Sounds hectic right, it is… Let’s now talk about how AI can help and a simple yet amazing solution.

    How AI can help?

    Aah… The most interesting thing is that AI can do this hectic work in matter of few clicks. What AI will do here is that it’ll collect data from sources, compile it and you can just simply view it reducing almost 80% of your work.

    Lymbyc : The AI tool for Pharma

    Well all that we’ve talked about LymByc‘s tool for Pharma companies can do that as easily I’ve said it. As far as I’ve understood the system it can be a really helpful tool to reduce the manual work using AI that can change the way Pharma brands look at Data.



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