Air Pollution : Safety Measures, Effects, Selecting Air Purifiers

    • IMA declares Delhi in public health emergency state
    • PM2.5 reaches a severe alarming Level

    As the Quality of Air has degraded severely in the last few days specifically in Delhi-NCR & Northern States of India we’re here to talk about the same. While the authorities are already doing their work Let us discuss about what we can do to save ourselves from the Air Pollution & we’ll also talk about some Air Purifiers & other handy products that can help you a lot to fight this situation of Public Health Emergency in Delhi-NCR.

    Some measures to be safe from Air Pollution

    While there’s not a lot we can do still we should do our best to be safe & prevent Air Pollution. Let’s now discuss about it.

    Stay Inside House

    While everybody’s recommending to stay inside house Dr Vivek Nangia, Director – Pulmonology Department at Fortis Hospital said ” The indoor air pollution has been found to be 10-30 times that of outdoor pollution. It is suggested to maintain general cleanliness in our households. It is also necessary to follow a few preventive measures to evade from indoor air pollution.  Avoid inhaling smoke by using chimneys and exhaust fans, avoid furnishings, ventilate based on outdoor air quality.

    So it’s not only important to stay Inside but also to keep cleanliness inside the house too specially if you have Children, Old people or Asthma patients at home.

    How to keep the Air clean inside the house

    Let’s quickly have a Look at some points that Mr Sudhin from Honeywell has specified.

    • Good Ventilation is a major factor
    • Keep the house Dry
    • Keep some plants inside house.

    Your Diet

    If you’ve got irritation in your throat Ginger juice & a spoon of honey can help you get rid of that or will at least make you feel better. Garlic can also help you to fight Air Pollution, these small things can help you a lot in being healthy during this situation of severe Pollution.

    Using Air Purifiers

    Air Purifiers are made for Indoor air pollution so it’s really important to have one if you’ve somebody with respiratory problems in the house. On the use of Air Purifiers Dr Vivek Nangia, Director – Pulmonology Department at Fortis Hospital said “Another very efficient precautionary method could be to install effective air purifiers with HEPA filters. This is especially recommended to those who are allergic to dust, bacteria, mold, mildew, etc. One should verify whether the air purifiers have been certified by prominent authorities for their efficacy as claimed by brands. Higher the certificates, better it is. 

    Taking this into consideration I’ll be listing some Air Purifiers & will explain about how to select an Air Purifier with inputs by an Expert in the field Mr. Sudhir Pillai, General Manager, Homes, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies, India.

    Masks can be your friend in this fight against Air Pollution

    Air Pollution Mask

    There are basically 4 major types of masks that are N95, N99, N100 & P95. Talking about N95 masks they can filter upto 95% of PM2.5 particles from the air while N99 masks can filter upto 99% of the PM2.5 & N100 can do it with efficiency of upto 99.7%.

    Difference between P95 masks and N rated masks is that P rated masks can also filter the Oil Pollutants.

    I’ll recommend you to get at least a N99 rated mask as PM2.5 can cause several harmful effects to health like nonfatal heart attacks, irregular heartbeat, decreased lung function & many more. The brands worth mentioning that provide N99 rated masks are VogMask, Smartair & Cambridge. You might also look for some other certified N99 or above rated masks at your nearest pharmacy.

    Finding a Perfect Air Purifier

    Now we’ll discuss about finding a perfect Air Purifier for your home or office. The points I’ll discuss have been compiled by Mr. Sudhir Pillai, General Manager, Homes, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies, India.

    Room Size

    The room size is an important factor to determine what kind of Air Purifier you should use. Also not only considering the Area is important the height of room also plays an Important role in determining the Air Purifier you should get. Do consider this factor before you get a new Air Purifier to your home or workplace.


    Performance would be the most important factor when one would be buying any electronic item as the faster it works, the better it is. Below are some factors to consider to get an idea of performance of an Air Purifier.

    Delivery Rate

    Clean Air delivery Rate (CADR) is a factor that’ll tell you that how much clean Air is coming out of your Air Purifier & the speed of its functioning. CADR is directly proportional to the Air filtration capacity of the Air purifier meaning higher CADR means a better Air Purifier.

    Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)

    ACH is the number of times the Air Purifier cleans the air in one hour. In cities with severe Air Pollution like Delhi it should be at least four times in one hour. One should not fall for brands claiming to cover more area but clean Air only once in an hour, do remember this when you’re selecting an Air Purifier.


    As Dr. Vivek already mentioned that purifiers with HEPA filters are more effective Mr Sudhin also shares the same on Filters basically the Higher the certification, the better the purifier according to Dr. Nagia.

    While effectiveness of filters is something that you should check, on the other hand the long-lasting of filters is also important as the cost of replacing filters is high. Also if filters not replaced on time can also reduce the life span of your Air Purifier so having a check on your filters is also something important and for that some of the Air Purifier come with an indicator that indicates that the filter needs to be changed.

    What are HEPA filters?

    HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) is a type of a mechanical air filter, which removes 99.97% of particles of size less than 0.3 microns in diameter from air passed through it. HEPA uses three different mechanisms impact, interception and diffusion to catch and trap carcinogen particles, which are larger than 0.3 micron size and can be commonly found at homes such as dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and tobacco smoke. These carcinogen particles have high shelf life and are highly injurious to health to cause variety of health hazards including allergy, asthma, and lung cancer.

    Portability : Size & Weight of Air Purifier

    While it’s not necessary that the bigger purifier will be more effective than a smaller one meaning that a smaller Air Purifier can be more effective while taking less space in less priced. So before buying an Air Purifier do consider the size & effectiveness of the purifier as bigger purifiers will end up taking more space in your room & digging more into your pocket.

    Energy Consumption

    An important factor in long-term, an Air Purifier with less Electricity consumption can end up saving huge amount in long-term so do check out for Energy consumption/rating while buying a Air Purifier.

    Some Air Purifiers that you can consider

    Sharp FP-FM40E

    Price: INR 28,000

    It comes with Sharp’s exclusive patented Plasmacluster ion technology and non-toxic mosquito-catching mechanism that enables it to remove both micro and macroscopic pollutants present in indoor air.

    It has 5-step chemical free mosquito catching mechanism. It comes with a HEPA filter that enables it to capture 99.97% of air particles like smoke, dust and pollen which is as small as 0.03 microns, also it covers area upto 300 square feet according to the company.

    Honeywell Air Touch A5 and i8

    Honeywell Air Touch i8 Price: INR 21,990

    Honeywell Air Touch A5 Price: INR 11,990

    Both the air purifiers come with Pre Filter, HEPA filter and Honeywell’s patented HiSiv technology which are capable of removing Large dust particles, Bacteria, formaldehyde, harmful gases, volatile organic compounds and PM 2.5 greater than 99% from Air.

    Air Touch I8 comes with a real time Air Quality indicator which the A5 lacks. The i8 also has a coverage area of 387 square feet while A5 has a coverage area of 323 square feet.

    Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier (Champagne Gold)

    talking about the other features they come with 3D airflow, anti fall Design, real-time ambient air pollution measurement and is designed in such a way that it prevents exposure to filters that have absorbed Pollutants.

    Kent ALPS Air Purifier

    Kent ALPS Air Purifier

    Price: INR 21,990

    It comes with a HEPA filter that company claims can remove upto 99.99% of PM2.5 from the Air. It has a CADR of 400 m³/hour and is suitable for rooms with area of upto 430 square feet according to the company. It also has filter change indicator, child lock and weighs 8 kg.

    Livpure Smart O2 580 Air Purifier

    Price: INR 29,999

    It has a HEPA filter with 5 stage filtration technology and is suitable for upto 750 Square feet of area according to the company. It’s a WiFi Enabled Air Purifier and has efficiency of Pollen/Smoke/Dust Removal upto 99.99%.

    It also has a real time Air Quality indicator and also displays the Room temperature and Humidity. It has a CADR of 580 m³/hour.

    So that’s it we’ve covered that how we can stay safe in this severe Air Pollution, how to select an Air Purifier and talked about masks too.


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