BenQ Launches Zowie gaming mice EC1-B and EC2-B in India Priced at INR 7500

ZOWIE, BenQ’s eSports brand, announced today the launch of ZOWIE gaming mice EC1-B and EC2-B that come equipped with the 3360 sensor, providing gamers with a different mouse-tracking feel. These new gaming mice are aimed at competitive gamers and eSports fans.

Zowie EC1-B
Zowie EC1-B

The mice are identical except for their size, with EC1-B slightly larger than the EC2-B. In addition to a different sensor, the EC-B series also has a USB report rate switch with indicator lights at the bottom of the mouse. This makes adjusting your settings more convenient and allows you to check your mouse rate without the need for additional software.

Ergonomic design exclusively for right-handed users, both the mice offer users a bigger room for wrist movements. Two other changes in the EC-B series are the position of the DPI indicator light and the mouse feet. The DPI indicator light is now on the bottom of the mouse while the two large mouse feet have been replaced with four smaller ones.

On top of the EC-B release and continuing its commitment to the Counter-Strike series, BenQ have also collaborated with Valve and released CSGO version of EC-B series for fans of both CSGO and ZOWIE.

Zowie EC1-B CSGO Version

Pricing of Zowie EC1-B and EC2-B

Zowie EC1-B and Zowie EC2-B are available at price of INR 7,500.


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