Data Protection and recovery solutions, Data Protection Trends in 2018

Earlier days are gone when we had everything on papers and barely any Digital record of something specially in the business in India with the initiatives like Digital India being widely adopted across country.

Having an easy control over your data including protection, backing up and archiving data easier with a single solution is surely going to be a must need for businesses these days.

Most of the records in companies are now digitally saved but what if the data gets lost or corrupted or there’s any data breach, that’s the situation where the Data Protection and recovery solutions come into play.

As India inches closer towards becoming a digital economy, there has been an increased focus on data protection from the businesses as well as the Indian government. Hence, here are few trends to watch out in 2018, when it comes to data protection:

  • Seamless control of data: There will be a shift in the movement of data from devices to data centres to cloud operating environment. Data is the new currency and as it is bound to grow larger and complex in the virtual environment, adaptation to fast and efficient data protection infrastructure will be critical. Moreover, organisations are now realising the value of data recovery too. Both data protection & recovery combined together will aid organisations in having seamless control over their data and be prepared for any kind of data breaches.
  • Health and BFSI to be early adopters of data protection: These two sector will be the prime sectors that need to secure their data, more than ever. As hospitals increasingly store EMR records online & banking witnessing an exponential increase in online payments, the influx of all this data hold high value. Hence, it needs to be protected. Hence, generating the need of data protection.
  • Securing your backups: Today there are a host of solutions available. However, what is crucial is the response time during a data breach along with its effectiveness. Therefore, need to have an Isolated recovery solutions by businesses in India, will increase. This will help businesses safeguard their critical data despite any external threat

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