Looking to get a idea of price of a Old smartphone, Droom’s OBV for Mobile can do it in 10 seconds.

Droom, India’s largest online marketplace for automobiles, today announced expansion of the scope of Orange Book Value, popularly known as OBV, to give the fair market value of used mobile phones to the customers. After a blockbuster success for Droom’s Orange Book Value (OBV), which provides a fair market value of any used vehicle, Droom has launched OBV for Mobile, a pricing engine for used mobile phones.  Built on Droom’s ecosystem tool, Orange Book Value (OBV), helps buyers accurately ascertain the Fair Market Value of any used phone – that too within 10 seconds!

Droom’s ‘OBV for Mobile’ feature analyses mobile phones based on their make, model, age, condition, and accessories, besides many other factors, to come up with a fair, unbiased, and independent market value for a used phone. OBV for Mobileworks on artificial intelligence engine and has created India’s largest database of used mobile phones to give the user a valuation report.

To gauge the Fair Market Value for a phone, users can log on to www.orangebookvalue.com and select ‘OBV for Mobile’ on the input panel.


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