Five Things about Technology that Lawyers must know about

    Technology Plays a major role in everybody’s life these days not only for personal life but the professional one too and same is the case for a Lawyers and that is what we’re going to discuss about today that What are the 5 things that Lawyers must know about technology.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be your best friend

    Artificial intelligence can do hours of your drafting work within seconds, With the use of AI you can do your work like drafting documents, Creating presentations and lot more that may seem very technical to you but can be just a click away with the Use of AI.

    Security of Technology. How Is Secure Technology?

    However it may sound good to get your work in done in seconds but the most important thing to be noticed is the level of security the AI has, you need to make sure that whatever you use is secure and trusted and have to be careful.

    AI can work just like you

    People often think that these automated software’s or AI’s aren’t reliable but they’re and can just work likes a human does with no major difference in the quality of work.

    Technology can learn from you

    Machine Learning can also be implemented within AI’s where they’ll learn as you do the work. It may sound very weird that an AI can learn from you but that’s actually true and this can be very helpful to Lawyers if they implement this technology in their day-to-day work.

    Technology can help you or work for you but cannot replace you

    Even the smartest technologies these days can have errors in the work they do and you’re the only one who can identify the mistakes.  At last they’re just programs that are made to work like you but actually, they cannot do it all the time.

    So these are the five things that Lawyers must know about technology and if you’re looking for a lawyer who makes the best out of Technology and can help you, MyAdvo is the best platform for you to find one in India. is a legal tech startup, initiated by IIT Alumni’s based out of Gurgaon and now branched in Mumbai and Bangalore. Covering a lawyer network of 7000+ across Pan India with more than 20,000+ satisfied clients, corporate companies like RIVIGO, Karbonn, manyIntex, Lava, Haier, IFB much more are amongst satisfied clients of this startup. Recently they are organizing an innovative fair i.e Legal Tech Fair, 2017 which is visited by Law Minister and India’s highest paid law firms.

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