Fujifilm instax square SQ10 Review

Fujifilm instax square SQ10 is a hybrid instant camera offering from Fujifilm that also works as a digital camera. The SQ10 makes you feel the fun of instantly printing your memories like in the instax mini as well as saves a digital copy of your image though that’s not what the SQ10 is all about.

Once you get it in the hands the SQ10 feels like a compact device with an amazing Hand-feel. As soon as you see the SQ10 the first thing is It’s 3 inch LCD display and the control buttons below it that are quite easy to understand and handle. Once you go through the menu you’ll find that you have access to ISO settings, few filter modes and manual mode that allows you to preview the image before getting a print.

It does it Job pretty well being a Hybrid instant camera with Digital capabilities though the Internal storage can save upto 50 images still you can use your SD card to further save more images.

Though you cannot toggle a lot with settings in camera but that’s not what the SQ10 is about. Although it’s made to let you take your memories with you using instant prints but the 3.7 MP CMOS sensor is able to click decent images of course not like you can with a DSLR but the SQ10 is pretty much about having fun with the instant prints and also get your memories digitally saved.

The SQ10 turned out to be a really good gadget for people who want to have fun and save their memories on the go. As we always say every product is not for everyone similarly it’s not made for people who want to show their creativity off their cameras.



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