Games for learning : A initiative by UNESCO MGEIP

UNESCO MGEIP by its project named games for learning aims at teaching and making people learn core values by games. UNESCO MGEIP aims at making this project a success.

I am not sure if this is gonna work but considering the chances that idea might work makes it definitely worth a shot and seems like they are on the right track.

The Vision

UNESCO MGEIP through its Games for Learning project project seeks to embed core values of empathy and critical thinking in formal and informal learning spaces. In defiance of the stereotype of violent games centred on destruction, the Institute promotes game-based learning as a form that can be especially appealing and simultaneously educational for the youth.

Why just the games

Another question that might come to your mind is that why games and why not the textbooks. If the textbooks had the impact on your thinking than why there are courts and police? Because textbooks can’t have the kind of impact needed to change thinking of people.

Another reason is that games are accessible to all whether it be mobile games or high end PC games that means more potential people for this project and when you have a larger audience you can send your message, the impact is larger as well.

My thoughts

Now this is the easiest part for me 😂 . According to what I can get out of this the idea can work if executed in the right way and as I earlier said UNESCO MGEIP is already on the right track xD.

This actually sounds pretty exciting to me and I shall look forward to see this being a reality on larger grounds as well.


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