A Inside Look into Intex’s smartphone manufacturing facility in Noida

So, you must be loving the smartphone that you might be using to open this post, just in case you aren’t that doesn’t means you don’t love your smartphone. Smartphones have already achieved a very significant place in our life in last few years. Ever thought how they’re made?… No right or maybe yes. Let me answer your questions now.

So recently, that’s last month most of you already know that I got a chance to visit Intex’s Manufacturing facility in Noida, Just in case you don’t know do Follow me on twitter, yes I’m doing shameless self promotion.

Coming back to the visit, Intex has been putting its efforts to localise the majority of the manufacturing while it already has localised very big part of manufacturing of parts that are being assembled at the unit they still want to localise as much as they can.


The facility i got to visit was actually not manufacturing any parts in particular but they all were coming from different sources & were being assembled & tested at the facility to ensure the Quality of the device.

While I’ll not go very deep into the assembling process but I can still assure you that the intex devices you get are being assembled under best possible conditions. In manufacturing process what basically happens is that the Parts are taken & then tested & further assembled & then tested again… Confusing right!.. huh that’s why i said let’s not get deep into manufacturing process.

Moving on, Let’s move on to testing part now. As you can see in the pic above the Touch sensitivity & functioning of the device is being tested. The same test is also conducted manually after the complete assembly of the device.

After the complete assembly of the device the device is then sealed & then further packed with accessories & is then after sealing the box is weighed to check for any missing accessories. Further it is then put into master cartons & further supplied to the market from where you get the device.

Quite interesting, right… The best thing is the Quality & functioning is tested manually just to ensure that there’s no fault in the device your receive from your local dealers or E-commerce websites.



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