Kiwami the Japanese EduTech Company takes it’s Learning Program to Indian Schools

What Is Kiwami?

Kiwami is a Educational development Centre In Punjabi Bagh,New Delhi Founded by Ms.Mitsuyo Tamai.It aims at Spreading the TAMAI style of Learning among the Students in India.TAMAI method of learning has already been adopted Overseas in Countries like US,Hong Kong and Veitnam and The Company Also has the Plans to bring the Same into India as well.It is a Self Funded Comapany with a revenue of 500 million yen In Japan.

Tamai Method Of Learning

TAMAI Method of Learning is basically a Concept of learning through videos,movies and 3D animations.TAMAI Method has Already been Adopted in many Schools,Kindergartens and tution centres in Japan.It has been Developed to teach maths and science with Latest Technology and Less Cost Involved.


The overall Concept it to Familiarise students to the Subject in an Easier way and Develop their Minds in Early Stage.They have also Designed Their Courses in Such a way that they are Also Covering the Syllabus from the Top Education boards in India.In a Recent announcement they have also announced that their Tution Fee will be Zero for Some of the Students that they will Select and they will be only Admmiting new students Only if they pass their Eligibility test.

The Concept is Innovative and Good and is Helpful to students to develop their skills but not still perfect Lot more to go and Develop further in TAMAI Method of Learning but still it’s a great initiative by the Company.




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