Net Neutrality : What it is, Importance and everything else you should know about it

    So you must’ve heard this term Net Neutrality in recent days. Well.. Let me tell you this isn’t something that has come into limelight just overnight and will disappear like every other news, it’s something serious that you should be aware about as you Internet has become essential part of our life.

    So let’s start by knowing what’s this term called Net Neutrality.

    What is Net Neutrality?

    Net Neutrality is basically a principle that Prohibits Internet Service Providers from speeding up, slowing down or blocking access to any Website or application that you may want to access on the internet. This is basically all about what is net neutrality now let’s come to another important thing Importance of Net Neutrality.

    Importance of Net Neutrality

    Well.. Internet is an open platform and everybody deserves a fair chance to show themselves. Just imagine if there’s no Net Neutrality, a telecom operator might ask you to pay extra money to access services like YouTube as they use more Bandwidth compared to other site. Sounds Unfair, right.. It is that’s the reason why Net Neutrality is Important. Now let’s talk about Net Neutrality in India.

    Net Neutrality in India

    At this moment it’s almost impossible to imagine India without Net Neutrality. Although it’s not only about charging extra to access some websites or applications, a ISP may also promote some particular sites and slow down the access to their competitor sites.

    Thus it’s important for India to have strong Net Neutrality laws to support start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses and prevent Big players from taking undue advantages.

    TRAI has already supported Net Neutrality in its recommendations and the recommendations have been supported by The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) as well.

    “The Internet Association of India (IAMAI) has said that the recommendations are progressive and are in line with the debates in the industry and user groups that has been raging since the last two years. ” IAMAI stated in a press release.






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