Notch.. Notch! Vivo V9 VS Oppo F7

Vivo and Oppo both have announced their phones with Notch. I got a chance to use them both and based on that I’ll be doing a quick comparison between the devices.

Source : Hashtag Gadgetz

Quick Look at Oppo F7 and Vivo V9 Camera

On testing the front camera of both the devices it was pretty clear that Vivo V9 was a clear winner among both due to the colors captured were just amazing while on Oppo F7 Colors turned out to be a bit dull.

While on the rear camera part both the devices were doing fine in Daylight but Vivo V9 performed Better in low light conditions. So on the camera part Vivo V9 is the clear winner.


The Oppo F7 comes with a Mediatek Helio P60 while the Vivo V9 features a Snapdragon 626 that is better than Mediatek in terms of Battery efficiency and performance.


Vivo V9 is better in terms of reliability and performance compare to the Oppo F7. While on the design part both of them come with a premium design but we’ll recommend the Vivo V9.


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