PayTM Rolls back it’s descision to charge 2% on adding money From Credit Card

On Wednesday, digital payments Paytm that it will be charging a 2 percent from users who up their Paytm Wallet credit cards.The was not popular users , and Thursday night, it rolled the , “keeping users’ in mind.” As in the announcing the 2 percent , November, Paytm has been allowing users to of the to their accounts at no charge.

Typically, cashing has attracted a fee from wallets. At the same , Paytm and wallets haven’t fees for depositing cash into their systems. This meant that credit users could up their Paytm wallets the , transfer that money to their accounts, at no charge. “They were not getting loyalty points which is cash but getting to credit,” Paytm noted.

Bankbazaar For “genuine” users, Paytm was cashback coupons which could be spent Paytm, and these came a number of caveats, which looked cumbersome. Paytm this, and when it the rollback of the 2 percent after a , it stated: “At the same , we are that this caused to a segment of our users, including those who are their credit for transactions.” “Keeping the millions of customers and merchants as utmost , we have to the 2 percent fees and will to a of features to such “Paytm added.


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