ReyCreo is a HTML5 based online gaming platform

U2opia Mobiles has come up with an Online Gaming Platform for Mobiles named ReyCreo. ReyCreo is based on HTML5 and can be played in any normal browser.

Being a HTML5 based platform it’s very light and consumes very less amount of data. There are hundreds of games that you can play on It’s not free there’s a charge of around 60-70 rupees per month but you can also try it at 5 rupees for a day.

With plans to bring the games in a downloadable form including a set of freemium & premium games it’s a good platform for playing games. ReyCreo is currently available in┬áSouth Africa, India, Malaysia, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Indonesia, Bissau and Kenya.


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